I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Principal Dr. Praseedha Sreekumar and the entire teaching and non-teaching faculty at Indus Altum International School, Belagavi, for the remarkable changes I've witnessed in Dev and Diya’s academic performance, social skills, and overall confidence. I attribute these positive changes to the nurturing and dedicated environment provided by the school. With the guidance and support of their teachers and the school staff, my children have blossomed into confident and enthusiastic learners. The personalized attention given by the teachers has been instrumental in addressing their individual needs and fostering their intellectual curiosity. I have noticed significant improvements in their social interactions and emotional well-being. The inclusive atmosphere at Indus has encouraged them to build meaningful relationships with peers from diverse backgrounds, fostering empathy and understanding. Through collaborative projects and extracurricular activities, they have developed invaluable teamwork and leadership skills that will undoubtedly serve them well in the future. The school's holistic approach to education, which emphasizes not only academic excellence but also character development and personal growth, is truly commendable. The emphasis on critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving empowers children to approach challenges with resilience and determination. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the entire faculty and staff at Indus for their dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders. 

- Ms. Komal Badani – parent of Diya, Grade 3 and Dev Badani, Grade 6

Enrolling both our children, Alize (9th Grade) and Kiyanali (7th Grade), in IAIS this year was a significant decision for us. Transitioning from the CBSE syllabus to a Cambridge Curriculum, along with changing campuses and boards, required careful consideration. However, we were reassured by IAIS's reputation and commitment to providing a supportive and enriching educational environment.We are pleased to say that our children have adapted seamlessly to the new academic structure and have flourished in areas beyond just academics, such as public speaking and creative thinking. The open and supportive culture fostered by the school has played a crucial role in facilitating this smooth transition.One aspect that stands out to us is the motivating and open culture within the school. The staff members are not only well-qualified but also courteous and approachable. Our children feel encouraged to interact with their teachers and are not hesitant to seek guidance when needed. This positive relationship between students and teachers has greatly contributed to our children's overall progress and development.Moreover, we appreciate the progressive curriculum and teaching methods employed by the school. These methods are designed to cater to the diverse learning needs of students and promote holistic growth and development.We are truly grateful to the teaching staff, Principal Dr. Praseedha, and the management for their dedication and commitment to our children's progress. It is evident that our children enjoy coming to school every day, which is a testament to the nurturing and stimulating environment provided by IAIS. We look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success at the school.Thank you!

- Mrs. Sukoon Noorani – parent of Alize G9 and Kiyan G7

Hi, I am Vaibhavi Naik, the parent of Atharva Naik in Grade 6 and Adhya Naik in Grade 4. Until the last academic year, both of our children were studying in a CBSE curriculum school. A year ago, we visited the amazing IAIS campus along with our children. As parents, we had a lot of ambiguity in our minds about whether our children would be able to cope with the new curriculum. After a series of interactions and deliberations with Principal Dr. Praseedha Ma’am, teachers, other parents, and friends, we finally made up our minds to enroll them in IAIS. It has been 7 months now, and we are pleased with the crucial decision we made. Today, we are delighted that our children are in an amazing environment. We have observed a significant shift in their academic performance and are thrilled by the incremental curve in overall personality development. IAIS provides a comprehensive learning experience that nurtures physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The school offers a platform for students to become well-rounded individuals through a blend of academic excellence, sports, arts, and community service. Teachers are approachable and regularly in touch to monitor the child’s progress. They consistently provide continuous care and support. The teachers’ endurance and diligent efforts make every day’s learning journey more effective and joyful. Teachers’ seamless guidance and encouragement helped Atharva excel in academics while simultaneously enabling him to focus on science, space, and innovation, which he always loves to explore. Atharva’s participation in the recent NASA Space Challenge global competition and submitting his space project report is a valid example of this. This has given him a lot of confidence and helped in improving his presentation and communication skills. Atharva was thrilled and excited by the opportunity to present his space project confidently along with his classmate to Lt. General Arjun Ray Sir during his recent visit to the school. Our daughter, Adhya initially took time to cope with the new curriculum. The school’s innovative method of learning through reasoning, logical thinking, and teachers’ perseverance ensured bridging this gap and gradual transition, making her learning journey joyful. Over the period, we have witnessed consistent development in her confidence, vocabulary, and communication skills.  Adhya's cultural journey is further nurtured by the school in sharpening and curating her Bharatnatyam skills. Within a short period, the guidance and constant encouragement of her Art and Dance teacher enabled her to perform in various school cultural stage events and inter-house competitions. The school promotes indoor and outdoor sports, including swimming, through a well-maintained integrated sports complex with dedicated coaching faculty, allowing them to pursue their passion in sports along with academics. The ISL (Indus School of Leadership) program, which Atharva recently attended, is a unique way of enabling children to expose them to leadership education through experiential learning. Other extracurricular activities like cultural events, annual sports, Antariksh - Astro Science, inter-house competitions, Coffee Lounge Quiz, Spell bee, Olympiad, etc., provide them with a platform to showcase their inherent talent, creativity, interact with peers, foster teamwork, understand the value system, empathy, ethics, and develop social and communication skills. We feel this is a crucial element in the overall developmental journey of a child.  Overall, my experiences as a parent have been great. IAIS is a place where children are nurtured into complete individuals. The holistic curriculum ensures children are well-rounded, confident, and prepared for the life challenges of the future. 

- Ms. Vaibhavi Naik – Parent of Atharva Grade 6 and Adhya Grade 4

"Education is the key to unlock the golden door to freedom." —George Washington Carver Expressing our deepest gratitude for being more than an educational institution; you are a family, friend, and mentor rolled into one, offering invaluable guidance, direction, and motivation. The school goes beyond academics, fostering independent thinking, innovation, problem-solving, ethics, and a caring spirit. From the dedicated Principal to the inspiring teachers, diligent staff, and the camaraderie of friends in the boarding community, you have created a nurturing environment that allows our children to develop their all-round personality. As parents, we initially had concerns about how our kids would adapt to the changed environment and pattern of study. However, the teachers, house parents, and staff members not only motivated them academically but also offered unwavering emotional support. Your commitment has eased our worries and played a crucial role in shaping our children and preparing them for the unknown world. Thank you for being there for our children and being instrumental in their growth and development. Your dedication has made a lasting impact, and we appreciate the role you play in unlocking the doors to their future. 

- Ms. Shikha Varshney – Parent of Zephyr Arali Grade 9 and Ashva Arali Grade 4

Hello, I am Aishwarya Shinde-Nesarikar, parent of Aarna (Grade 6) and Devansh (Grade 4). Reflecting on the decision we made two years ago to move our children from an established International School in Bangalore to Indus Altum International School in Belgaum, it was tough but undoubtedly the best one for them. Initially, we were apprehensive about the transition our children would undergo. However, the positive references about IAIS from several renowned educationists, along with the collaboration of the renowned Indus group with the Altum trust, gave us the confidence to take the leap. IAIS has not only met our expectations but has exceeded them in all core areas; including discipline, academics, extracurricular activities, and most importantly, it has fostered a comfortable and productive learning environment that brings a happy smile to my children's faces every single day. What particularly resonated with us was the magnificent and secure school campus with the most up-to-date infrastructure and teachers who are well-trained in delivering a TRUE International School Curriculum. The support and guidance from the teachers, coordinators, and Principal Dr. Praseedha are unparalleled. The students, known as "Indus Altum Eagles," are truly trained to exhibit confidence in their abilities and are driven to achieve their goals. We are content with how our children are groomed for their future by their peers. After all, school is their second home.

- Mrs. Aishwarya Shinde – Parent of Aarna, Grade 6 and Devansh, Grade 4

Strong study habits, Ethics and Moral values are framed at school and by the time children graduate they are ready to tackle whatever is ahead of them. IAIS' teaching gives students the freedom of speech and encourage them to perform better. Their teachers are highly qualified. Their interactions are very professional and friendly. They not only focus on theory but bring relevance and practicality into the classrooms. This is really a good practice as kids learn professionalism."I am happy that at IAIS my child is not just studying but learning"

- Mrs. Priti Patil - Mother of Anish Patil - Grade 6

Selecting a school was one of the important decisions. When we approached Indus Altum International School Belagavi, we found the Management very welcoming. They are well educated and very well experienced, ensuring us safety, security and well qualified teachers. The curriculum and the co-curricular activities that IAIS provide are beyond textbooks. The journey of my son with IAIS started in July 2021 and in just a few months we could see the improvement in our son. The wellness sessions are exceptional."We believe that we have made the right choice of school".

- Mrs. Sonali Hanamshet - Mother of Shoolin Hanamshet - Grade 6

Hello this is Dr Rashmi Naik, mother of Dhruv, grade 6 and Aanya, grade 3. I recently admitted my kids at Indus Altum and am extremely pleased with my decision. The teacher student ratio is small, focus is on understanding concepts rather than rote learning and I love the way teachers interact with every student. We are very impressed by the fact that two important subjects Life hacks and Global perspectives are a part of curriculum here."I am happy that at IAIS my child is not just studying but learning"

- Dr. Rashmi Naik – Mother of Dhruv Naik Grade 6 and Aanya of Grade 3

It was a great decision to admit Vihan in an International School because we wanted him to develop his individual personality. We know that he has some inherent skills in him which we thought of exploring rather than going for the conventional way of studying. The Principal, teachers and faculty at Indus Altum International School were very cooperative and made it happen for us. We also like the school atmosphere and look forward to getting our kids educated at this world-class campus."So, we found Indus Altum International School as the right place for us to admit him."

- Dr. Manisha Togale - Mother of Vihan Togale - Grade 8

This session on "Dealing with the other side of your child" was a very informative session that helped me identify the behaviour patterns of my kid and how to be patient enough to tolerate his tantrums. Applying the grandma's rule where it is necessary and trying not to overdo or force anything are some of the tips that I can integrate into my parenting style. The session went on very well, so really looking forward to the anger management session. Thank you so much!!!

- Shilpa Mangale - Mother of Jatin Mangale - PP1 (IAELC)

It’s been 8 months, my son Sidharth has been a part of Indus Altum International School. The atmosphere and learning environment are optimal for all young children. All the students receive individual attention, and my son loves his great teachers who are nurturing and friendly at the same time and encourage growth. Another thing that I like is that the updates on parent post are on time! Hoping that our children excel both academically and personally.

- Sheetal Heda - Mother of Sidharth Heda - Grade 5

I think we all as parents are extremely fortunate to have come across Indus Altum! It goes without saying that the entire team from the Principal to the Academic Coordinators and of course the Teachers are master educators in a true sense. What is most impressive is that we’ve seen the focus being placed upon making students well-rounded as opposed to keying in on pure academics.

- Jyoti Raykar – Mother of Rishi Raykar – Grade 1

Just a small note of appreciation to thank you for being such wonderfully supportive leaders and teachers. We chose Indus Altum school for my son Kriday with high expectations of getting the best possible education as well as exposure to extra-curricular activities. I am glad that we took this decision. The principal has a very positive approach! The teachers are so helpful, full of support and encouragement. Queries are answered and addressed immediately. We feel extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful group of teachers and staff. Teachers' reports on Kriday’s strengths and weaknesses show that they are paying close attention to the children and accurately assessing their positive areas and areas for improvement.For non-scholastic activities, my impression is equally positive. The bus drivers and attendants are very careful and show concern for the safety of the children. Nice & big campus with all sports activities coming up.I can be at ease when Kriday is at school knowing he is cared for, safe, and in a place that facilitates his future success. We could think of no better place to give my child a head-start on life.

- Shilpa Sainuche – Mother of Kriday Sainuche gr- 7

Our dream came true. It was an excellent decision to take admission in Indus Altum International School for my daughter Araina Ankalagi. My daughter has been part of IAIS for a year now. She absolutely loves the school, the Principal and the teachers. IAIS integrates compassion into their teaching standards, emphasizes the importance of values, and builds leaders through classroom experiences. They take pride in sharing moments of their students' good behaviour and achievements. Great team - Great school

- Adila Ankalgi – Mother of Araina Ankalgi - 2

Right from an early age, Aarohi has been a very obedient and disciplined child, but she always wanted one to one attention which she did not get at her previous school. Indus Altum International School has fostered in her essential learning skills with group dynamics and has helped her build self confidence and core values. The systematic and meticulous training of IAIS teachers has helped her to communicate more with us at home. As it is said that having great marks sheet is not enough to have a successful career, here in this school I can see that Aarohi will get a chance to learn to build her confidence and effectively put forth her thoughts and ideas. Indus Altum has indeed made my child more confident and focused. The conceptual form of learning that the school is teaching has helped her to analyse things better and this is making her focus more on her studies, which is very practical and relevant. I believe my daughter will nurture in a more personified way which will aid her personal growth.

-Mrs. Sarika Raibagi – Mother of Aarohi Raibagi - Gr 7

Three and a half years ago, we were set on a mission to find the right school for our children. After moving from the UK, it was tough for my daughter to settle into an unfamiliar environment. Fast forward three years and two schools later, she is now studying at Indus Altum, learning in a surrounding that is preparing her for the future world. The methodical teaching of the curriculum provides her with the best of wisdom. Her teachers go above and beyond to inspire and excite her so that she reaches her full potential. I can only wish that I had a chance to learn like this, back in the day! The opportunities she ’ s been given are building her into an independent, responsible individual. I can just go on and on, talking about how happy I am for my kid! I am sure this journey of ours will be a memorable one… All thanks to the teachers, the principal and the support staff.

- Mrs. Shambhavi Antin – Mother of Shivali, Grade 9 and Niranjan, Grade 3

I admitted my kids to Indus Altum last year and since then have seen their personality grow a lot. The school focuses on overall growth of the child. There is lot of practical learning, like last year, the kids were taken to the fields to understand the issues faced by farmers, there were events organized to teach them about charity. Topics like Life hacks and Astronomy widen their knowledge. I am happy with the sports facilities too.


I am extremely pleased with my experience at IAIS so far. My daughter Rahi, a weekly boarder, very easily adjusted to the boarding life. She is thriving academically. She particularly enjoys her studies and has made great progress in her classes. Communication from the school has been timely and informative, and we appreciate the efforts made to keep me informed and involved in Rahi's education. The teachers have been exceptional - they are knowledgeable, approachable and dedicated to their students. One of the most notable changes we have seen in Rahi is her approach to studies. She has become more self-motivated and takes the initiative to seek out additional resources and help when needed. This is a huge change for her, and we are very happy with the progress she has made. Overall, I feel that IAIS provides a high-quality education in a supportive and nurturing environment. I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that my daughter is receiving at IAIS.

- Mr. Gautam Samant – (parent of Rahi Samant, Grade 7)

Indus Altum has always been a special place for my son, Vedh, who is currently studying in Grade 9. I, being a parent, feel that Indus Altum International School is a great place, where students are imparted excellent academic and extracurricular coaching. All students are treated equally and with respect. There is a positive energy flowing from the teachers and the office staff. All classes and extra-curricular activities are conducted exceptionally well. The syllabus is covered at such a pace that the students don’t feel burdened. The school provides the best of facilities. The conversation between the students and staff is very interactive and fascinating. I wish the school all the very best for its future endeavours! ​

- Ms Jyoti M. Karimani, – Mother of Vedh (Grade 9) ​

I really can't explain in words the wonderful feeling of happiness and joy that we experience to see our son being enthusiastic to go to school every day. It's all because of the values: Love, Empathy, Discipline and Respect that the school instills in the young learners. I think the school has the right mix of Sports & Academics. I love the way my son is enjoying his Sports Sessions as well. Thank you, IAIS for bringing the best in every Child & All the best for Creating leaders of tomorrow!

- Mr. Suraj Ashok K.A, – Parent of S.Vidyuth, Grade 2

I chose Indus Altum school for my son with an expectation of giving him the best possible education, exposure to extra-curricular activities and sports.   The learning experience is beyond my expectations, he has become more imaginative, disciplined and more curious while doing all his activities and noticeably confident. During his initial days as a boarder the teachers took diligent care of him and from there on, he never felt homesick.   I really would like to thank all the teachers and the Principal for the support and guidance for our son, we are blessed to have such a beautiful school in our city. 

- Mrs Amruta Raibagi – Parent of Hridaan Raibagi Grade 8

It is a matter of pride to express my feelings about IAIS, as it has a cozy home-like environment in all aspects. It has been wonderful to see my children, Aryavinyas (Grade 10) and Rituparna (Grade 2) excelling, growing in whatever learning experiences they are getting into. Whenever I visit the school, I see respect, greetings, empathy and much more.  You can smell and feel the values the moment you enter the school.  For instance, it was a proud moment for us to watch the emerging eagles performing in the very first coffee lounge, and in all the activities conducted by the school. My token of appreciation to the Principal, Coordinators, Faculty, Admin, and the Support Staff who are shaping, adding values, and nurturing these beautiful minds, preparing the eagles to take on their maiden flight. Great going and keep it up, just go on setting high higher benchmarks and standards. 

- Ms. Madhukeshwari K Makavi – Parent of Rituparna Grade 2 and Aryavinyas Grade 10